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Portfolio Madness is the beginning launch of many social and photography events. Each event will feature a new theme, with different designers and entertainment artists. Created out of the vision and reflection of hardworking but struggling models, Portfolio Madness birthed to help entertainers create a memento of photos with a philia of people. Our goal is to assist you in finding the best circle of people that will push your career and personal growth.
From our case study, we discovered the two leading crippling issues inhibiting entertainers from receiving a call back are; limited photos and the inability to connect and communicated with people.  In a nutshell, the price is too high, and the pressure to perform is too steep. We hope to design a chill atmosphere that is fun, productive, but welcoming.
We all know building a portfolio can be expensive and, finding the right people can be tiresome.
Portfolio Madness is where you can get your portfolio completed while networking with like-minded peers. We encourage all who seek to network with others, branch out and further their journey, or take pictures and learn the craft

it is a gift

Bringing people together for many purposes solves a-lot of issues in one step. Portfolios make a strong mark on your future goals and achievements.

Even with a charge an event like this is claimed as a gift. There is no other event that exist to match what The Networking Vision can do for you.


Entrepreneurs and hobbyist stay tuned for tailored sections dedicated to Photographers, Designers, Scouts and other important figures

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