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Who We Are:

The Networking Vision is an event specialist company that specializes in a variation of artist developmental services. Our imminent and enterprising event, Portfolio Madness, is hosted quarterly to connect upcoming entertainers with businesses and like-minded people. We aim to make entertainment mobility affordable for the average Joe or Jane. Our goal is to establish a Network of partnerships that are beneficial throughout your career. We hope to create an interchangeable franchise among other startups and black-owned businesses.  

Portfolio Madness:

Created out of the necessity of my own modeling intuition, I’ve seen hundreds of models swapped under the rug becaanse of bad Photos or unacceptable Repersentation. Portfolio Madness is a combination of an upscale Photoshoot and Networking event. We took the top designer and photographer, bought them into one room for you to use at your discretion. From a full-on photoshoot to a singled-out music video, we create a unique opportunity for you to publicize who you are and discover what is possible. Throughout our event, you can choose to signup for more services and to have access to private opportunities. 


it is a gift

Bringing people together for many purposes solves a-lot of issues in one step. Portfolios make a strong mark on your future goals and achievements. Even with a charge an event like this is claimed as a gift. There is no other event that exist to match what The Networking Vision can do for you.

Entrepreneurs and hobbyist stay tuned for tailored sections dedicated to Photographers, Designers, Scouts and other important figures

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